How to start Vista in Safe Mode

How to boot into Safe Mode in Windows Vista


Restart the computer. Immediately after the screen goes blank for the first time, or after the BIOS post ends, start taping the F8 key repeatedly. The Windows Advanced Options menu appears. If the menu does not appear, restart the computer and try again. If the Keyboard has a F-Lock key, it may be necessary to press it first - QUICKLY before pressing the F8 Key. This will have to be done quickly before tapping the F8 key repeatedly.

The Windows Advanced Options Menu shown next should appear


The Safe Mode option uses a minimal set of device drivers and services to start Windows. The default Microsoft VGA driver is used for display at 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 resolution and in 16 colors.

Choose Safe Mode and press ENTER.

Log onto the Administrator account. If a password was never set, leave the password blank and press enter.

Alternative method to using the F8 key

  • Press the WinKey + R to open the Run dialog box and type or paste msconfig then press enter.
  • Click on the the Boot tab
  • Click the box for SAFEBOOT to select it
  • Minimal should be selected, if not select it
  • Click Apply then OK

Reboot the computer. The Windows Advanced Options Menu should appear


Remember to undo these changes in Safe Mode to return to a Normal boot afterwards

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